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Items Member Non-Member

Technical Note 13 - Stainless Steels for Corrosive Environments (2000)

$75 $110

Technical Note 15 - Welding & Fabrication of Quenched & Tempered Steel (2018)

$200 $300

Technical Note 16 - Welding Stainless Steels (1985)

$60 $90

Technical Note 18 - Welding of Castings (2022)

$60 $90

Technical Note 19 - Management of Weld Quality: A Guide to AS/NZS ISO 3834 (2021)

$200 $300

Technical Note 20 - Repair of Steel Pipelines (2004)

$75 $110

Technical Note 21 - Submerged Arc Welding (1999)

$65 $100

Technical Note 22 - Welding Electrical Safety (Revised 2003)

Free Free Download

Technical Note 23 - Environmental Improvement Guidelines (2002)

$75 $110

Technical Note 25 - Welding Specification for the Water Industry (2007)

Free Free