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Items Member Non-Member

Technical Guidance Note SW02 - Laser Safety (2020)

Free Free

Technical Guidance Note SW03 - Welding Electrical Safety (2021)

Free Free

Technical Guidance Note SW04 - Audit Checklist ( 2022)

Free Free

Technical Guidance Note SW07 - Health and Safety in Welding - Guides and Forms (2021)

Free Free

Technical Note 1 - The Weldability of Steels (2018)

Free - $200 $300

Technical Note 2 - Successful Welding of Aluminium (2006)

Free - $75 $110

Technical Note 3 - Care & Conditioning of Arc Welding Consumables (2006)

Free-$75 $110

Technical Note 4 - The Industry Guide to Hardfacing for Control of Wear (2006)

Free-$75 $110

Technical Note 5 - Flame Cutting of Steels (1994)

Free-$65 $100

Technical Note 6 - Control of Lamellar Tearing (2019)

Free-$200 $300