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Structural Bolting e-Course

Presenter: Robert E. Shaw (President, Steep structures Technology Centre)

Robert E Shaw is a registered Professional Engineer, with 47 years experience in steel construction. Currently based at SSTC (a consulting engineering firm in the US specialising in structural steel connections, construction and quality issues), Robert has also worked for major steel fabricators and the American Institute of Steel Construction. Robert also serves on the Specifications Committee of the Research Council on Structural Connections, which is the body that writes the bolting Standards used in America. He also is a member of the American Welding Society's Structural Welding Committee, and chairs the IIW Commission XV11 on Quality Management in Welding and Allied Processes. 

eCourse Program

The workshop will include 5 x 2 hour sessions 10:00am - 12:00 Noon AEST, plus an additional Q&A session. For more information see course Brochure HERE

Part 1: Bolted Connections (Tuesday 3 November 2020)

  • Bolted connections in structural systems
  • Selecting the appropriate bolted joint - bearing - type snug tightened, fully tensioned, and friction type
  • Bare and coated connection surfaces
  • Hole type, holing and condition

Part 2: Bolting Materials (Tuesday 10 November 2020)

  • Selecting the appropriate bolted materials - AS 1252 EN 14399-x, strength, type, corrosion protection
  • Manufacturer testing of bolting components
  • Product identification 

Part 3: Bolting Assembly Performance (Tuesday 17 November 2020)

  • Techniques for shop and jobsite testing to verify suitability for use - Pre-installation verification testing and rotational-capacity testing
  • The torque-tension relationship
  • Protected storage 

Part 4: Bolting Installation (Tuesday 24 November 2020)

  • Determining the snug tight condition, and its effect upon further tensioning
  • Pretensioning procedures - turn-of-nut, direct tension indicators
  • Alternative bolting products and installation methods - twist-off bolts, combined method, torque method

Part 5: Bolting Inspection and Problem Resolution (Tuesday 1 December 2020)

  • Specifying and implementing inspection practices
  • Resolution of disputes
  • Why bolts break, and what to do about it
  • Developing a bolting personnel qualification program

Q&A Session (Tuesday 8 December 2020)

Optional Examination (15 December 2020)

Panel Discussion With Bob Shaw

In this special panel discussion episode of Stirring the Pot hosted by HERA, we talk with Bob Shaw who will be presenting the e-Course.
In this episode Bob and the panel dive into the details of the upcoming structural bolting e -course where Bob will unpack not only existing standards, but also introduce new and innovative methods to save time, reduce cost, and improve the efficiency and quality of bolted connections.


No prerequisites required for this course.

Costs (including GST)

Course Fees 

           $990 (incl GST) - Members

           $1,100 (incl GST) - Non-Members

Exams are not conducted as part of the course and are optional. Exams are an additional AUD/NZD $150 if you require a certificate.


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