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Online - IIW International Welding Inspector Standard (IWI-S)

Successful completion of this course will see you obtain the globally recognised International Institute of Welding (IIW) – International Welding Inspector Standard (IWI-S) qualification. This course provides advanced knowledge of welding and inspection theory and application, including NDT, mechanical and visual inspection techniques, inspection procedures and acceptance criteria, identification of weld imperfections associated with pre-production, fabrication, and post fabrication, and more. 

A candidate completing the “Standard” level of training under this programme shall possess an advanced knowledge of welding and inspection theory and application. This knowledge base will enable the candidate to perform the following tasks (in addition to the IWI-B)

  • Supervise the activities of the IWI-B.
  • Develop and provide instructions to IWI-B.
  • Develop, comment and review Quality Control Plans and Inspection and Testing Plans based on product standards, codes, specifications, drawings, and regulatory requirements.
  • Witness procedure qualification tests including testing of the specimens.
  • Verify the compliance of WQPRs and WPSs and welder qualifications and approvals against the applicable standards, codes and specifications for conventional applications (e.g., arc welding processes, steels, aluminium alloys - see Section 1 for detailed information);
  • Verify the compliance of PWHT specifications against the applicable standards, codes, and specifications.
  • Verify the compliance of raw materials and consumables certificates against the applicable standards, codes, and specifications.
  • Take decisions on acceptance of quality documents related to welding fabrication (e.g., NDT, material testing, production testing, etc.).
  • Take decisions based on quality documents (e.g., NDT, Material Testing, production testing, etc.) according to the requirements defined for the construction.
  • Verify radiographic films quality adequacy (no interpretation).
  • Identify and verify the relevant NDT techniques for a welded construction
  • Report on all the above actions. 


The IWI-S training is conducted online over eight weeks, and then two-days of face-to-face practical training. This course will include a mix of interactive online material, live online lectures, and a practical session. 

Full  Session 6 Schedule and Course Guide


Participants will need to provide evidence that they can meet the following entry conditions:

Training Pathway 1 - Complete full course.

This pathway is for those already holding an existing IIW qualification such as International Welding Specialist (IWS) or higher.  This qualification will allow those people to proceed directly to the Welding Inspection Module at the relevant level. In this case it is not required that applicants are subject to the WT entry examination (WTE-S).

Training Pathway 2 - Complete full course.

This route is for those fulfilling the national standard access conditions for IWS. The candidate must have a minimum of two years’ job-related experience, have passed the Welding Technology Examination - Standard (WTE-S) and hold one of the following.        

      a)  An engineering qualification at AQF Level 4, e.g., Certificate IV – Engineering Fabrication (MEM40105, MEM40119), OR           

      b)  Certificate III – Engineering Fabrication, AND, Welding Supervisor – AS1796 Cert 10 or AS2214 qualification, OR           

      c)   A qualification at a level above a. or b. (e.g., a degree or diploma in Engineering).      

Training Pathway 3 - Complete gap training only.

Students who are eligible for this pathway are able to purchase the full course notes for the cost of $550.00. This is not compulsory but can be used as a refresher for the course content. Please advise the training team training@weldaustralia.com.au if you would like to purchase the notes. 

This pathway is applicable to those who have completed all three components below.            

     a)  Qualified to IWI-B, AND,             

     b)  have gained two years of relevant inspection experience at IWI-B level, AND              

     c)  have passed the Welding Technology Examination (WTE-S). 

WTE-S eligibility - Candidates may decide based on prior learning and/or experience, and subject to an ATB assessment and authorisation, whether to attempt the WTE-S.  Candidates must complete and submit the Self-assessment Checklist WAE form-07 and include a resume and supporting evidence to training@weldaustralia.com.au for assessment. Once approval is given, candidates should decide whether to source additional training before attempting the WTE-S.

The WTE-S is completed the first Tuesday of every month.  Please contact the Qualification & Certification Team on qnc@weldaustralia.com.au to apply for this examination.

Please create a WeldQ account and upload your qualifications WeldQ instructions.

Costs (including GST)

Full course cost – Training Pathway 1 & 2

Individual Member: $3,765.00

Non Members:        $3,930.00

Gap Training - Training Pathway 3 

Individual Member: $1,535.00

Non Members:        $1590.00


Discounted course and exam fees are available for Weld Australia members.  To join, please go to the Membership page on the Weld Australia website, where you can see the tiered pricing according to membership type and the full PRICELISTCourse cost includes a 10% non-refundable deposit.

Exams are not conducted as part of the course but are required to be booked separately. 

Please Note: If you are a Weld Australia member, please have your member portal username (this is your email address associated with your membership) and password ready to ensure that you receive the member rates for your registration. Non-member rates will otherwise be applied.  If you need to contact Membership to assist you with your member details, please contact (02) 8748 0135.


Location Dates
Online Blended - Session 6

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