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Online - Welding Supervisor - AS1796 Certificate 10

Welding Supervisors play a vital role in industry, they understand the factors that influence welding quality, how to oversee welders effectively, and the variables that help maximise productivity.

The AS1796 Certificate 10 meets the requirements for a welding supervisor under AS 1210 for pressure vessels. Similarly, this qualification also meets the requirements outlined in AS/NZS 1554.1 to supervise the welding of structural steel.

Online Course Delivery

The Welding Supervisor online course includes three x five-week modules with two x three hour lectures per week, delivered over six months. A minimum attendance rate of 70% is required. The course includes a mixture of pre-recorded material, live online lectures, and a variety of other learning resources. All our presenters are AS 1796 Certificate 10 qualified or higher with extensive industry experience.

Online Session 9 Schedule and Course Brochure


To sit for AS1796 Certificate 10 Welding Supervisor, candidates need to provide evidence of one of: 

   a) A welder’s certificate complying with AS 1796, evidence of attending or having attended a course of instruction for welding supervisors and not less than one year’s experience in the welding of pressure equipment as defined in AS/NZS 1200 subsequent to gaining the welder’s certificate. The course of instruction, predominantly theoretical in scope, shall be of at least 120 hours’ duration.

   b) A welder’s certificate complying with AS 1796 and at least 2 years’ experience in the welding of pressure equipment as defined in AS/NZS 1200 subsequent to gaining that certificate.

   c) A qualification in engineering, metallurgy or welding and, at least three years’ experience in welded fabrication, one year of which shall include evidence of welding on pressure equipment as defined in AS/NZS 1200, an example of  sufficient evidence is a welder qualification test to AS3992 or similar.  

Please create a WeldQ account and upload your qualifications, certificates and resume. WeldQ account instructions.


Costs (including GST)

Full Course:  $5,355 Members

                       $5,565 Non-Members

Per Module: $1,840 Members

                       $1,905 Non-Members

Discounted course and exam fees are available for Weld Australia members.  To join, please go to the Membership page on the Weld Australia website, where you can see the tiered pricing according to membership type and the full PRICELIST.  Course cost includes a 10% non-refundable deposit.

Exams are not conducted as part of the course but are required to be booked separately. 

Please Note: If you are a Weld Australia member, please have your Member portal username (this is your email address associated with your membership) and password ready to ensure that you receive the member rates for your registration. Non member rates will otherwise be applied.  If you need to contact Membership to assist you with your Member details, please contact (02) 8748 0135.


Location Dates
Online/Blended - Session 9

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